Pet Portraits & Photography in Brisbane

Pets With Personality

Looking to immortalise your precious pup? Ever wished you could freeze those goofy grins and tail-wagging moments in time? Curious about how your furry friend would look as the star of their own custom pet portraits?

Happy Paws Studios is ready to capture the charm and character of your beloved canine companions with professional pet photography in Brisbane.

Pet Photography at Happy Paws Studio in Brisbane and Melbourne

Capture the Love With Studio Pet Photography

Happy Paws Studios is a nationally recognised pet photography studio located in the South of Brisbane.

Through our specialised dog photography services, we’re known for capturing quirky, personality-filled, gorgeous portraits of beloved pups and pampered pooches. We’re dog-crazy, too! Every person in our team – from your dedicated dog photographer to our production team – knows the bond you share with your dog is whacky, weird, and wonderful.

Our Brisbane pet photography studios is OPEN and taking bookings by appointment only.

Meet Anne: Our Passionate Dog Photographer

Welcome! I’m Anne – ‘top dog’ pet photographer at Happy Paws Studio, crazy dog lady, and passionate about creating gorgeous custom pet portraits.

Let me put it this way: here at Happy Paws Pet Photography, we talk dog.

As passionate dog people, we understand just how much you love your dog, and know each pup has their own unique and lovable character. Fortunately, we also know exactly how to capture your dog’s personality through professional photography and turn their adorable portraits into stunning pieces of wall art.

Pet Photography with Anne and her pet dogs at Happy Paws Studio

What to Expect with Your Dog Photography Experience

Here at Happy Paws Studios, we create unique artwork inspired by your pet. Our stunning, custom pet portraits are a lifelong reminder of the love you share with your dog. We want you and your pet to LOVE every minute of your pet photography session. To get started, we will provide a pre-shoot design consultation to help style your pet photography in Brisbane. We’ll advise you on how to best prepare your pet for their dog photography session.

Specialist Pet Photographer

Design & Styling Session with Your Dog Photographer

The Design and Styling Session is an important part of the Happy Paws Studio pet photography experience. We know every dog is different, with their own funny quirks and characteristics.

Before every dog photography session, your dog photographer takes the time to learn all about your pampered pooches so we can perfectly capture their character.

Forest Lake Pet Studio

Studio Specialist Wall Art & Custom Pet Portraits

Our Brisbane Pet Photography studio location is a lot more than simply being ‘dog-friendly’. Our team has worked hard to ensure our studios are used for creating amazing artwork of the furry members of your family in comfortable surroundings.

Dog Photography

The Photo Shoot

Your pet photography session is a fun, relaxed, 3-hour experience honouring your fur-baby’s role in your life. We’ll document the unique bond and love you share in emotion-filled custom pet portraits.

Why Choose Happy Paws for Your Dog Photography?

Expertise in Dog Photography

At Happy Paws, we have refined our specialty in dog photography over many years in the industry. Our team possesses the unique skill and patience to capture your dog’s personality in every frame. Our pet photographers are experts at turning playful moments into lifelong memories!

Custom-Designed Artwork

Our commitment to excellence extends to our custom pet portraits and tailored artwork. Each piece is a testament to our love for dog photography and our dedication to crafting personalised solutions that you will treasure forever.

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For inquiries or to book a session, please contact our friendly team at Happy Paws Studios today