Here at Happy Paws Studios we’re passionate about creating unique and personality-filled portraits of your beloved dog that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Pet Photography at Happy Paws Studio

Meet Anne

Hi, I’m Anne, crazy dog lady, ‘top dog’ photographer, chief puppy cuddler and guilty of having serious conversations with my dogs Eddie, Denny Crane (yes, he’s named after the character in Boston Legal) and Tess.

While I’ve always loved dogs, I wasn’t always a pet photographer. My photography career started as a way to escape the grind of my corporate career. I needed a hobby, a creative outlet and something I felt passionate about. At the prompting of my family, I tried landscape photography.

And I was hooked. It was the perfect way to get in touch with nature, to relax, and an outlet for my creative energy.

There was something uniquely satisfying about creating beautiful, landscape photographs.

I’ve even won lots of international awards for my art.

As I grew tired of the corporate life, I realised I wanted more. I wanted a career I loved, one that excited me and one I looked forward to each day.

And so, I decided to combine my two biggest passions. Dogs and photography.

I mean, what better way to spend a day than playing with gorgeous puppies and dogs?

I’d found my dream job. But I wanted a friend to work with. And Julie was the perfect fit.

Meet Julie

Hi! I’m Julie, also a crazy dog lady and resident puppy wrangler!You’ll find me behind the scenes, doing all the boring business stuff while Anne gets creative, photographing, and cuddling dogs.But that’s okay. I get my daily cuddles from Buddy, my adorable rescue dog, running pal and chief bed stealer.I was so excited when Anne approached me about Happy Paws Studio.I couldn’t think of a more fun job than photographing pets and creating gorgeous artwork of people’s beloved dogs.After all, our dogs are with us for such a short time.So to have a beautiful portrait of your pet, it’s truly special.Happy Paws Studio is such a gorgeous space and I’m so excited about all the cute dogs we’re going to meet.
pets and their humans photography Brisbane
Pet Photography at Happy Paws Studio


Tess – Manager of Toys

Looking after the toys your pet may wish to play and pose with is a very important role. Tessy ensures the toys are well tested and cuddled before hand

Buddy – The Exercise Manager

Buddy was a very over weight rescue dog when Julie and family adopted him.

Regular walks and helping keep Julie fit saw him slim down to a lean fitness machine. He is now a regular on the walking track around the lake and likes to make sure his Happy Paws Studio employees are fit as well.

Pet Photography at Happy Paws Studio
Pet Photography at Happy Paws Studio

Denny Crane – The Manager of Rest Breaks

Yes, Denny Crane likes to ensure all dogs have a break to relax and chill out. Maybe a quick swim in the pool.

Eddie – The Manager of Loves

There is nothing Eddie loves more than showing humans how much he loves and appreciates them.
Pet Photography at Happy Paws Studio Brisbane and Melbourne